How to Undelete Files from USB Drive?

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mountain Lion & Mavericks

Have you ever deleted files and folders from USB drive? Perhaps the answer will be yes, as losing important data from USB drive is quite common these days and many users across the globe are facing this problem. However, USB data recovery software has made things easier by providing users a real chance to recover deleted files. USB data recovery software is one of the best application available in the market to undelete USB drive. It also restores files and folders from formatted USB drive and from other data storage drives in just few clicks. USB data recovery software is designed and developed with simple user interface and advanced drive scan and data recovery algorithms, with which it will easily undelete photo files from USB drive without facing any complications.

Since USB drives are preferred for both professional and personal use, because USB drives are small in size and you can carry these drives wherever you travel and it can hold a large number of files in it. So losing data from such drive is always unacceptable, there are many reasons due to which cause data loss problem from the USB drive. But the most common is the accidental deletion of important files and folders while deleting some unwanted data. User connects the USB drive to the computer and removes such unwanted stuff by using “Shift + Delete” key combination. Whenever user deletes data by using this key combination, it bypasses the Recycle Bin, which means you cannot restore it back if you want to do so. In this worst case, if you want to undelete files from USB drive then just make use of USB data recovery application which also helps you to recover deleted data from memory card and from other data storage devices with utmost ease. View more..

There are many other factors results in deletion of files and folders from the USB drive. Sometimes, data on the USB drive is deleted due to virus or malware infection from the computer hard disk drive or from the internet. For removing these viruses or malware infection from the USB drive we make use of anti-virus program or any third party utility, but there are chances that it deletes some of your important files and folders during the scanning process if anti-virus program unable to heal it. So to undelete USB drive, use the best USB data recovery tool which also facilitates you to restore data from formatted hard drive in just few clicks. So click here to know more...

Most of the times, users format their USB drive to fix minor errors and they forget to take backup of important files and folders. This momentary lapse of attention causes you a lot, because formatting a USB drive will erase the stored data. If you have the backup file then you can easily restore your data later but if you don’t have any backup file and wants to recover data from formatted USB drive, use USB data recovery application and restore your lost data. In addition it also helps you to retrieve photos from Transcend JetFlash USB drive after corruption at your fingertips. Go to to know the process. Industry experts across the world recommended this software as the best application to restore the files. Using This software you can also perform CF card recovery even after formatting the CF card accidentally, selecting the wrong file and deleting them and pressing “Delete All” option unknowingly.

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Perform few simple steps to undelete files from USB:

Step A: Launch the installed free trial version of USB data recovery software by double clicking on Desktop icon or from Start Menu list. Home window appears as illustrated in fig 1.

Undelete USB Drive - Main Window

Fig 1: Home Window

Step B: On home window, click on "Recover Files". The software will give two options i.e. "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files". Select "Recover Deleted Files". Now the software will shows the list of available storage drives as illustrated in fig 2.

Undelete USB Drive - Choose Logical Drive

Fig 2: Select USB Drive

Step C: Select USB Drive and click on "Next" to proceed furhter. Now the software will display the list of file types that can be recovered from USB drive as illustrated in fig 3.

Undelete USB Drive - Choose File Type

Fig 3: Select File Types

Step D: Select the type of files which you wish to retrieve and click on "Next". Software scans the USB drive for the specified type of files and displays the list of recovered files as illustrated in fig 4.

Undelete USB Drive - Data View

Fig 4: Retrieved Files

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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